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The springs, dampers and sway bars
all work together keep your tires in
contact with the road as you drive
over uneven roads or turn corners or
driver over potholes or debris.

The Experts at Winter’s Auto Service will examine all of the major parts
of your auto suspension system to check for any worn or damaged parts.
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We will advise you on any parts that
we feel need immediate attention –
and what parts or servicing which can
wait a while and be serviced at a later

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Over the years it is not unusual for your vehicle’s suspension to be affected by wear and tear, as its main function is to maximize the friction between your vehicle’s tires and the road so you have stable steering.  The suspension system includes parts like springs, control arms, struts or shock absorbers, and bushings.

There are usually several common symptoms that point to suspension problems.  Some of these may include:

  • Uneven tire wear.
  • Knocking sounds when going over a bump – have your suspension checked as there may be worn linkages, shocks or struts or bushings that are worn out. It may not be safe to drive and you should see your mechanic asap.
  • Bouncing when you drive over a bump – this may be a sign that your shock absorbers or struts are worn out.
  • Unevenness – if your vehicle is higher on one side than the other when it is parked, it may mean your springs are damaged. Often clunking sounds are part of this symptom.
  • Wheels are out of alignment – any time you buy new tires it is a good idea to have your alignment checked.

These and other symptoms indicate that it is time for you to see your mechanic as quickly as possible to ensure that you are driving safe both to protect you and your passengers, but also other people on the road.   We would be happy to discuss these suspension problem symptoms with you, and inform you on what needs to be done and what can wait! Keeping our customers informed and happy is what we are all about!

This is a tough question because the lifespan of your shock absorbers (also known as damper) really does depend on several factors, including how you drive your car, where you driver or what kind of roads you drive on, how old your vehicle is and more.    Pot holes, for example, can cause your vehicle to bounce which will cause your shocks to wear out faster.

You may want to consider having your shocks inspected on a regular basis by one of our mechanics to ensure they are replaced before they become a problem.

There are several signs that it is time to change your shock absorbers or struts.  These include:

  • Uneven tire tread wear
  • Bouncy or bumpy riding.
  • Leaking fluid

Faulty struts or shocks can mean it is more difficult to maintain control of your car if you hit a pothole, which could be very dangerous!

It is generally recommended you get your shock absorbers tested every 20, 000km.   Speak to one of our technicians about what is best for your vehicle.

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