Get quick, affordable, and high-quality oil and filter change service for your car! The experienced team at Winter’s Auto Service cares about you and your vehicle.
Keeping your engine running at peak performance means keeping your engine well
maintained and lubricated to protect parts from wear and tear over time.

Our oil and filter services include a 20 point inspection which includes important
maintenance checks .

In addition our team will:

Replace your oil filter at at Winter's Auto Service Winnipeg

Replace your oil filter

Grease universal joints where needed

Grease universal
joints where needed

Inspect wipers

Inspect wipers

Replace Your Car Oil at Winter's Auto Service Winnipeg

Replace your oil

Visual inspection of your tires

Visual inspection
of your tires

Visual inspection of your undercarriage

Visual inspection of
your undercarriage

Integrity and trust mean everything to our team. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our valued customers.

Oil and Filter Service at Winter's Auto Service Winnipeg
When we do our inspection, you can count on our team to give you our expert evaluation of the state of your vehicle, and advice on what changes or replacements should be done now, and what can be put off to a later date.
Keeping you informed and safe is important!
Winter's Auto Service Team




Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, your oil should be changed at least two times a year, or every 5,000-7,000km.   Frequency also depends on the type of oil you use and how often you drive your vehicle.

Synthetic motor oils are processed and refined to eliminate particulates, so the oil lasts longer and can withstand extreme weather, such as heat and cold, better than regular motor oil.   Regular motor oil is made from petroleum and is not as durable and long lasting as synthetic motor oil.

Your mechanic will know which motor oil is best for your vehicle, however high mileage motor oil is usually recommended for older vehicles that are not in great condition, may be leaking or burning oil.  If your vehicle is newer and well maintained, does not leak oil and doesn’t use a lot of oil, it may not be worth the extra cost.  Speak to your mechanic about your specific needs.

Most care manufacturers will recommend that you change your oil filter each time you have your oil changed.  This is to ensure that when you have your oil changed, you do not contaminate it by running it through a dirty filter.

Your mechanic and your vehicle manufacturer will have the best recommendations for you.  The manufacturers of oil filters usually make several types of filters, some better than others, and some rated as best.  A general rule of thumb is to always consider buying the best brand-name filter if you are using a synthetic oil or if you need to go a long time between oil changes.

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