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Car Air conditioning repair or adjustments.

Car Air Conditioning Systems Diagnostics Winnipeg
The latest in diagnostics and servicing, including gasses for all air conditioning units.

The Winter’s Auto Service team will give
your system a visual inspection and use
diagnostics, including temperature
measurements, to give your system
the most accurate evaluation.

Winter's Auto Air Conditioning Service Winnipeg
Checking for Leaks in Auto Air Conditioning System at WAS Winnipeg

We will also check for leaks and other issues that
may be stopping your auto air conditioning from
operating at peak efficiency. 

We always discuss our findings with our customers so that an informed decision
can be made regarding repairs or replacements and the timing of these services.
Winter's Auto Service Team


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  • If your air conditioning is not performing at its best, there are usually several symptoms that are usually pretty hard to miss, including:
  • Air not blowing into the vehicle when the A/C is turned on.
  • No pressure when the air does blow.
  • Warm or hot air blowing out of the A/C instead of cool air.

Our team of experienced technicians will perform a service check and determine the cause of your air conditioning problems.

During an air conditioner service, the technicians will check to make sure your air vent temperature is within the correct range.  They will also check your condenser and suction line temperatures to make sure they are also correct.  Your valves and thermostats will be measured to make sure they are working within correct parameters, and all of your hoses and components related to your air conditioning system will be checked to make sure they are in tip top condition and free of any leaks.  When necessary, the refrigerant will be evacuated and recharged, as well.  The condenser fins are usually cleaned and when necessary the technician will also adjust your drive belt and pulley.

After performing this check our technicians will discuss your repair options with you.

If your air conditioner has an odor, it can be from several causes such as bacteria or fungus inside the evaporator core.  This can happen because the fins in the evaporator unit can trap dirt and moisture.  Our technicians can help eliminate that growth and keep your car happy and you and your passengers healthy.

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